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  • Build #10135

    Build ID 10135
    Status Failed
    Submitter tuanpembual
    Submission date Sunday, 25 March 2018 16:24:44 (13 hours ago)
    Finished Sunday, 25 March 2018 16:30:34
    Duration 5 mins


    Distribution uluwatu
    Source https://github.com/blankon-packages/appstream-data-uluwatu
    Source type Git Repository
    Source options

    Resubmit Build Job

    Build Tasks

    Arch Task ID Created Assigned Builder Status Updated Build Log Changes
    amd64 10135.2.15675 25/03/18 16:28 16:28 AjengKumalasari Failed 16:30 build.log.gz


    Source Package appstream-data
    Version 2018-03-24
    Section misc
    Priority optional
    appstream-data (2018-03-24) uluwatu; urgency=medium
      * Rename dir to proper pattern
     -- Anto Samalona <email@address>  Sun, 25 Mar 2018 14:00:03 +0800


    Name Type Arch Description
    appstream-data-icons-hidpi Binary all

    HiDPI icons for AppStream data in BlankOn

    appstream-data-icons Binary all

    Icons for AppStream data in BlankOn

    appstream-data Binary all

    AppStream data for BlankOn

    appstream-data Source

    Build Logs

    Source package build log source.log.gz
    Time Source Message
    16:30 AjengKumalasari Build log added
    16:30 build Builder AjengKumalasari (amd64) failed
    16:30 AjengKumalasari Failed
    16:28 build Source package uploaded
    16:28 AjengKumalasari Building package
    16:28 AjengKumalasari Preparing builder
    16:28 AjengKumalasari Task picked up by AjengKumalasari (amd64)
    16:28 build Uploading source package
    16:28 build Distributing build tasks to amd64
    16:28 build Source code downloaded
    16:24 build Downloading source code
    16:24 build Build specification created